CS Cards is a plastic card manufacturer located in Mumbai - India.
Mifare Desfire, Mifare Prox, Smartmx, Mifare Ultralight C, Mifare Ultralight, Mifare Classic, Mifare Plus

About Us

CS Cards is a plastic card manufacturer located in Mumbai- India. With over two decades of experience in plastic cards production and with all the infrastructure for printed plastic card manufacture in place CS Cards is in a unique position to meet all your needs for all kinds of smart cards and RF-ID cards.

We stock a whole range of Mifare smart card products. We offer blank white cards that are suitable for thermal transfer printing. For superior quality we strongly suggest pre-printed cards that have all your graphics and matter printed already. You get as a result of this truly laminated cards. These cards are a far superior option to thermal printing and can be used on card printers for printing variable information like photos and data. We can also produce complete personalized cards ready to use as a Bureau Facility.

We can also produce small quantities and can offer custom printed jobs with a high quality and responsive service. We can also do dual technology and combi cards or any custom solutions that you may require. We have a excellent domain expertise and are proud of our service capabilities and quality.

If you are looking for a combination of good quality and prompt responsive service at a competitive Price, we are a excellent choice.