CS Cards is a plastic card manufacturer located in Mumbai - India.
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Mifare Cards

Mifare Ultralight C Mifare Rf-Id Contactless Plastic Cards from CS Cards

What is Mifare?
Mifare technology is a 13.56 MHz contactless technology that is owned by Philips Electronics. They do not make cards or readers, but they make and sell the card and reader chips on the open market. Many Card and reader manufacturers such as HID use this technology to create unique products for use by end-users.

Mifare is often considered to be a “smart card” technology. This is based on the ability to read and write to the card. In reality, Mifare is simply a memory card (as opposed to a processor card).

The Mifare contactless smart card and Mifare card reader/writer were originally developed to handle payment transactions for public transportation systems. With a short read-range, Mifare is uniquely suited to perform increment/decrement functions. Although contact smart cards could also do the job, contactless readers are faster and easier to use, and there is virtually no maintenance on the readers, or wear and tear on the cards.

CS Cards offer a wide range of Mifare RFID plastic cards. Mifare is a technology that has been selected for most contactless smart card projects and therefore, became the most successful brand within the automatic fare collection industry. In addition, the Mifare product portfolio includes specific products that are the perfect solution for other applications such as loyalty, road tolling, access management and gaming.

Customer Benefits

• Mifare is the leading industry standard for contactless smart card transactions.
• Worldwide largest installed base.
• More than 10 million Mifare reader core components sold.
• More than 1 billion contactless and dual interface ICs sold
• Fully compliant to ISO 14443A.
• Future-proof evolution path and roadmap.
• Standard interface ensures that today’s infrastructure can easily be upgraded for future card ICs.
• Consistent product portfolio and multiple sourcing at all levels of the value chain.

CS Cards is a customer focused organisation which specializes in supplying Mifare cards and nearly every type of smart card direct to the trade and end user at competitive prices. We supply all these varying classifications of cards from the most popular silicon providers such as IC's from Atmel, EM Microelectronic, Infineon Technologies, LEGIC Identsystems, Microchip, NXP (formerly Philips Semiconductors), STMicroelectronics. We also carry stock holdings of the more popular contactless cards including the NXP (Philips) and Infineon Mifare 1k, Mifare 4k, Desfire, EM4102 range. Our range of Mifare cards and smart cards provide you the customer with a huge choice of the latest type of advanced cards on the market. Whether you need to pre-print your smart cards, encode, add bar-codes, magstripes signature strips we provide a fast and effective service.