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Mifare Desfire Contactless Smart Card

Mifare Desfire Contactless Smart Card The MIFARE DESFire contactless smart card is based on NXP MF3 IC D40, which is connected to a coil with a few turns and then embedded into a standard ISO smart card. The transport protocol complies with part ISO 14443-4. DESFire supports ISO7816-3 compliant APDU message structure as well. It is contactless transmission of data and energy, no battery is needed. MIFARE DESFire is ideal for the service providers who will use multi-application smart cards in contactless transport applications, related loyalty programs, e-government or identity applications. It fully meets the requirements for secure and speedy data transmission, flexible memory programming and compatible with existing infrastructure.

• Model : MIFARE DESFire
• Frequency : 13.56MHz
• Protocol : ISO14443A
• EEPROM Size : 4096 Byte
• Material : PVC
• Temperature : -20° - +50°
• Dimension : 85.6 × 54 × 0.86 ( mm )